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Use RACI when adding new team members to speed onboarding. Download our free RACI template for new employees.

When hiring a new employee or promoting someone internally, there is often a transition period and some role confusion. Our New Employee RACI Template gives you a blank PDF in which to enter your new hire’s responsibilities in relation to the rest of the team. Use it to help everyone get on the same page about their roles.

By understanding the RACI methodology and how it can be used with new hires, you can:

  • Ease the transition of a new hire.
  • Clarify roles from the beginning to avoid confusion, anxiety, and mis-steps.

To get started using a RACI Matrix with your new hires and new team members, complete the form to download the FREE New Employee RACI Template.

New Employee RACI Matrix Template

Download Your FREE New Employee RACI Template