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RACI creates collaboration, accountability and teamwork on your project teams.

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You’ve got problems.

  • Last minute crisis management.
  • Time wasted in unproductive meetings.
  • Duplication of work or too little accountability.
  • Slow time-to-decisions made.

At RACI Solutions, we are passionate about high performing cross-functional teams.


We have solutions.

More productive teams

“When a project runs into trouble, it’s usually not the process, it's the people. There is no other training product like this in the market and all of us in the project management world need it desperately.”

- Jeff Shaver, PhD

Fewer and more effective meetings

“If I had invested in this training, I could have avoided our team arguing for hours in endless meetings about who is supposed to be doing what. I will be using RACI Solutions materials on every project I do from now on.”

- Zafar Abdullah, PMP, Aperion Consulting

Stronger accountability

"All complex organizations need to clarify roles and decision-making. RACI has freed my colleagues from the endless conflicts of confused responsibilities. They work far better together and are able to focus on strategic issues.”

- Robert J. Laskowski, M.D., MBA Former President, and CEO, Christiana Care Health System Past President, American Association of Medical Colleges