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Business today is more nuanced and complex. Teams need to collaborate and create across silos. We unleash the power of your cross-functional teams and create an organization built for value and speed.
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High-growth companies experience growing painsunclear roles, conflicts between people working in different areas, confusion about who is making decisions. Projects slow to a crawl. Accountability is unclear and then morale dips. Timelines slip and budgets expand. Maybe you’ve already tried a variety of training or project management tools, but nothing seems to stick.

Despite their challenges, horizontal cross-functional teams are the future of work. That’s because meeting complex challenges requires multidisciplinary thinking and problem solving. We need to work together. Maybe you are trying to work across departments, maybe you are trying to work across organizations. Your challenge? How to help your team members effectively collaborate at speed.

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Custom Tools, Training, and Solutions for Collaboration

When you need to transform cross-functional teams and create the engine for company growth, RACI Solutions is your guide. We’ll help you create a culture of accountability where your employees are equipped to work fluidly across disciplines. Whether you want to learn RACI, implement it, or supercharge teamwork across your organization, we can help.

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I Want to Learn RACI and Teach It to Others

Understand the basics of RACI and then go to the next level, RACI 2.0. We offer train-the trainer materials, and we also deliver virtual, hybrid, and onsite training workshops. You can create an internal group of RACI “superusers” who will support the work inside your organization after we go.

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I Want a Custom Solution for my Organization

Our roots are in organizational change consulting, so we know how to help companies overcome challenges. In addition to teaching your employees to speak RACI fluently, we can help them negotiate team roles and nail project accountability. We love to untangle complexity and unleash the power of your teams.

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I Want to Be a Better Cross-Functional Leader

As your career advances, you will likely spend more and more time working “horizontally” across functions. The skills you learned to be an effective vertical manager are not enough to succeed in the new world of cross-functional teams. We can help you get ready for the future of work.

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Building Trust. Empowering Teams.

Trust RACI Solutions to empower your teams and enhance your cross-functional leadership.

Cassie's RACI presentation and engagement with members of the Spectrum team was spot on. The RACI whitepaper is the best overview and explanation of the process that I have ever seen.

Bob Wedekind
Vice President Product Development, Spectrum Lighting

All complex organizations need to clarify responsibilities. Our experience with the RACI approach as taught by Cassie has been invaluable! RACI has freed my colleagues from the endless conflicts of confused role responsibilities. They work far better together and are able to focus on important issues. Cassie is the best.

Robert J. Laskowski, M.D., MBA
Former President and CEO, ChristianaCare Health System

Cassie introduced the RACI project management tool years ago, and I have been using it ever since. Academic medical centers and teaching hospitals are complex environments with many autonomous players—as a result, authority is widely distributed often in matrixed relationships. RACI allows us to identify the process of decision-making and accountability to speed action and accountability where formal authority may naturally hinder speed. Without RACI, managing in our turbulent healthcare environment is daunting.

Kristi Pintar, Ed.D.
Corporate Director, Organization Development & Leadership Practice, Penn Medicine Academy, University of Pennsylvania Health System

Comprehensive Guide to RACI: Power Team Performance and Collaboration

Use RACI 2.0 to enhance accountability and reduce friction throughout your organization.
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RACI Solutions is the industry’s most trusted source for RACI-based training and organizational development. Founded in 2007 by Cassie Solomon, Wharton School of Business lecturer and co-author of Wharton’s Leading Successful Change (2020), we’ve partnered with organizations worldwide, helping them achieve success.

We offer training, education, tools, and customized consulting. Our engagement with you is tailored to your precise needs to help you to create high-performing cross-functional teams.

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