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Get Started Using a RACI Matrix

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With our RACI Solutions Matrix Template, you receive a blank template for you to enter your customized roles and responsibilites, as well as a place to add notes.

Use our RACI Matrix Template to:

  • Improve project management. RACI began as a project management tool. You can use it to improve accountability, identify responsibilities and authority, and keep your projects on track.  

  • Clarify team member roles. Unleash the power and energy of each member’s contribution by clarifying their roles and responsibilites and clearly showing how their work relates to others'.

  • Onboard a team member or new hire. Help new team members learn how their role fits with those they work with to speed up their onboarding process and reduce costly missteps.
  • Strengthen cross-functional teamwork and streamline work between departments. Making a RACI chart can help clear up role confusion on cross-functional teams and throughout your organization.

If you're new to RACI or an experienced user of responsibility assignment matrices, this template is a great resource to help you make RACI charts. By downloading our free RACI Matrix Template, you receive the foundation of the RACI tool.

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The RACI Solutions training and presentation were excellent. It was very apparent that you had taken the time to understand our team dynamics and where we were coming from.

The opening slides about vertical vs horizontal really resonated as we have been navigating the 'messiness' associated with having to operate more horizontally.

I look forward to staying connected. We'll make you proud.

Martin Blackman
General Manager, US Tennis Association

When a project runs into trouble, it’s usually not the process, it's the people. There is no other training product like this in the market and all of us in the project management world need it desperately.

Jeff Shaver

If I had invested in this training, I could have avoided our team arguing for hours in endless meetings about who is supposed to be doing what. I will be using RACI Solutions materials on every project I do from now on.

Zafar Abdullah
PMP, Aperian Consulting

All complex organizations need to clarify roles and decision-making. RACI has freed my colleagues from the endless conflicts of confused responsibilities. They work far better together and are able to focus on strategic issues.

Robert J. Laskowski
M.D., MBA Former President, and CEO, Christiana Care Health System Past President, American Association of Medical Colleges