Explore the RACI Masters e-Learning Course

If your cross-functional teams are not working effectively…

If decision-making is slow…

If work efforts are duplicated...

RACI Solutions can help!


With the RACI Masters e-learning course, your organization can improve:

  • Project management

  • Meeting effectiveness

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Team leadership

And more!


The RACI Masters e-learning course features:

  • Short-form Learning: 15 modules, each 4-11 minutes long

  • Awareness Modules: Align every employee on a common understanding of RACI with the first two modules, a total of 18 minutes.

  • Flexible Curriculum: Navigate the course in any order and learn what you want. Focus on project management, HR applications of RACI, or leading change.

  • Real-world Applications: Six interactive activities demonstrate how RACI is being applied to real world situations.

  • Resources and Templates: The course includes 15 resources and templates to help you and your employees sustain the learning. 

Enterprise-wide licenses

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