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Horizontal Leadership Development Program

Powerful action learning for cross-functional leaders. Insights and practical skills for immediate impact.

Clarity and Collaboration


Improved Morale


Clear Speed to Decision

Real-World Skills and Results

Creating Cross-Functional Leadership Skills

The management skills your team learned to be successful in the traditional, vertical management world are not sufficient to succeed as cross-functional leaders. Cross-functional—horizontal—teams are famously hampered by ambiguous decision-making authority, friction, and inertia. Projects drag on, team members are unhappy, and projects stall. Horizontal leadership skills are a completely different set of skills that you need to succeed in this new world.

The Horizontal Leadership Development Program is an action learning program that builds your leaders’ skills and sends them back to work to practice everything they have learned. By alternating learning and practice, participants gain the skills to clarify roles, streamline project effectiveness, and help teams work at speed across disciplines.

Relevant Leadership Development

Participants will learn to effectively structure, lead, and influence cross-functional teams. Through learning and practice, leaders will develop relevant skills in listening, influence, and negotiation in a cross-functional environment. Moving beyond RACI, the curriculum focuses on effective sponsorship, enabling structure for cross-functional teams, effective meeting management, and understanding the unique dynamics of cross-functional teams. Leaders leave every session with the assignment to immediately apply what they’ve learned and then bring their experiences back to the program.

  • Designed as an intimate cohort of 12–15 participants for maximum effectiveness
  • Leadership development delivered in six two-hour sessions
  • Between sessions, tangible skills are applied to real-world teamwork challenges
  • The program can be delivered virtually or in person
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Many thanks for leading us through this invaluable horizontal leadership program. Personally, I found the program massively helpful. It was well facilitated and the blend of information, tools, networking, and critically the opportunities for self-reflection through the inventories, application, and breakout conversations was enlightening.

You both did a super job shepherding this group towards a common end goal while encouraging a real sense of community.

I absolutely loved learning from my peers in a completely different way!

I feel more confident coming out of the program. The information shared was very empowering.

New, relevant, fresh information. Small group cohort. The presentation flow differed from each session to each session with a variety of extension activities which kept it engaging. The small group required us to be present for the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program valuable?

This action learning program is essential for organizations whose employees work across silos in cross-functional teams. Leaders and managers of these teams need to learn how to manage in a whole new way against an entirely new set of challenges. The curriculum teaches horizontal leadership skills, so participants can guide projects to success and create powerful collaboration across silos.

How is this different from RACI training?

The Horizontal Leadership Development Program is an advanced training course that goes far beyond RACI training. Its goal is to bring leaders and managers to a transformed level of awareness and understanding of the differences between managing vertical and horizontal teams. RACI applications are taught in some modules, but this program is not intended to be RACI training.

How long is the program?

The Horizontal Leadership Development Program is typically delivered in six two-hour sessions. The sessions are usually held biweekly over a period of 2–3 months.

Why is there time between program sessions?

The spacing of sessions is intentional. It gives participants time to apply their classroom learning to real, cross-functional project work. They can then come to the next session prepared to share their experiences, ask questions, and refine their skills.


What is included in the curriculum?

The curriculum can be customized to take advantage of resources that our clients may already have developed in house. The modules are organized into three domains, with specific topics within each.

Individual Skills

  • Listening, Appreciating Differences
  • Influencing
  • Communicating Effectively

Teams Skills

  • Clarifying Task and Role
  • Negotiating
  • Leading Meetings
  • Team Roles

Executive Skills

  • Sponsoring Cross-Functional Work
  • Designing Cross-Functional Meeting Systems
  • Leading Successful Change
  • Aligning Strategic Initiatives

What level of employee is best suited for this program?

This program is designed for organizational leaders and managers who are currently responsible for managing projects across cross-functional teams.

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