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RACI Masters E-Learning Course

Awareness and advanced RACI training and real-world applications for organizational change, human resources, and healthcare leaders.

Clarity and Collaboration


Improved Morale


Clear Speed to Decision

Driving Change with RACI

Enhancing Performance, Collaboration, and Effectiveness with RACI

RACI Masters takes basic RACI training to the next level. You’ll gain the skills needed to apply RACI in improving project management, meeting effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration, team leadership, and onboarding new team members.

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning

A digital, self-learning program, RACI Masters is easy to use, offering short, 4-to-11-minute modules on nine different skills and topics. An additional six application activities help you apply the material; three of them are designed specifically for healthcare.

The first two modules are Awareness Modules and teach the basic RACI tool. Then the curriculum is flexible, so you can navigate the course in any order, choosing the topics most important to you. RACI Masters will help you assess the need for RACI and align every employee on a common understanding of RACI. You’ll gain the confidence to actively apply RACI in creating meaningful change. The course also includes comprehensive resources, job aids, and templates to help your employees sustain the learning.

Human Resource and Healthcare Applications

Leaders and managers working in human resources or healthcare will benefit from modules and applications designed for their specific challenges. Human resources professionals can learn to use RACI to enhance delegation, onboarding, job design, and more. Healthcare managers will learn how RACI can be used to enhance team performance and tackle critical issues in clinical settings.

  • Supports role clarification, team collaboration, and improves speed to decision
  • Focused modules for human resources and healthcare leaders
  • Offers short-form learning with 15 modules and activities, each 411 minutes long
  • Flexible curriculum allows you to focus on topics important to you
  • Real-world exercises demonstrate how to put RACI into action
  • Comprehensive resources, job aids, and templates to sustain RACI learning
RACI Masters E-Learning
our clients

Building Trust. Empowering Teams.

Trust RACI Solutions to empower your teams and enhance your cross-functional leadership.

We’ve worked with RACI Solutions for several years now, and we’re delighted to have this e-learning, impactful tool for our team. The short modules make it easy to learn the tool, and it truly is a “RACI Masters” level course. Applying RACI in innovative ways addresses many different types of cross-functional team opportunities; most importantly, it creates a common language to improve meeting and team effectiveness.

Bill Jacobs, Senior Director,
Commercial Learning and Development

Relypsa, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course differ from basic RACI training?

Modules 1 and 2 are designed to teach the basic RACI tool throughout your organization. They cover the basics of RACI codes, RACI charts, and needs assessment. Then the course teaches advanced skills. You’ll learn how to apply RACI to specific challenges like delegation, onboarding, project management, and large-scale organizational and culture change.

What are the special modules for human resources applications?

The RACI Masters course includes a module specifically focused on onboarding a new team member with RACI and how to use RACI to do job redesign. This could be bringing a new individual to the company or working to replace a team member. A module also addresses using RACI for organizational redesign. A focused application activity takes you through a real-life scenario of adding a team member, allowing you to put RACI learning into practice.

What are the special modules for healthcare leaders?

Healthcare leaders and managers will benefit from three modules designed specifically to provide practice in applying RACI to healthcare challenges. You’ll gain experience putting RACI into practice in three hypothetical scenarios: improving C-Diff safety; improving multi-disciplinary rounds; and implementing a clinical pathway.

How many modules does the course have?

The course has nine modules and three application activities that apply to any industry, for a total of twelve lessons. There are three additional application activities specifically designed for healthcare clients. You can download a course outline here.

What are the additional resources included in the course?

Most of the modules and activities have additional resources you can download to complement your learning. There are 15 resources in all, which include a role confusion assessment questionnaire, RACI code definitions, templates for RACI charts and role design, a smart workbook for managing people and projects, support materials for effective meetings, informative whitepapers, and more. You can download a course outline here.


How long does the course take to complete?

Each module is designed for short-form learning and takes 4–11 minutes to complete. After learning the RACI basics in Modules 1 and 2, the more advanced modules and activities can be taken in any order.

How can our staff access the course?

You can install the course in your learning management system (LMS) or have your staff take it through our dedicated e-learning website, LearnRACI.com.



What kind of installation or set-up support do you offer?

We care about making sure the course works well for you and your employees. If you are doing an LMS install, our team will work with your LMS administrator to get you the files to install in your LMS in the format you need. If you are using our LearnRACI.com site, we will train whomever you designate as your course manager in how to upload your users to the site. If issues present themselves following installation or initial set up, we pledge to resolve them.

May I preview the RACI Masters E-Learning Course?

Yes. We offer free seven-day previews. You can request a preview here.

How long are the RACI Masters E-learning Course licenses?

We currently offer one- and two-year enterprise licenses. There is a discount for multiple-year licenses.

Are individual user RACI Masters E-Learning Course licenses available?

No, only enterprise licenses are available at this time.

May we customize the course?

Yes. We offer limited branding customization for Module 1 for enterprise clients installing the course in their LMS. Advanced customization depends on the kind of customization you have in mind. Talk to us about your ideas, and we’ll be happy to consider how we can make it work.

How much does the RACI Masters E-Learning Course license cost?

Enterprise licenses are available for one and two years. There is a discount for multiple-year licenses. Please contact us to make an appointment and learn more.

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