3 New Things You Can Learn to Do with RACI in the RACI Masters e-Learning Course

RACI MastersIf you know and love the RACI matrix tool, chances are you learned to use it to organize projects. You designate who is going to get the work done (the “R”) and where decisions will get made (the “A”). Sophisticated users combine RACI with Stakeholder Analysis to think about all the people who need to be involved from the beginning (the “C”). Excellent project managers even think through a comprehensive communication strategy for their project (the “I”).

But RACI is a flexible tool that can be used much more broadly. Here are three things you may not have known you can do with RACI.

  1. Delegate work more effectively

    RACI can be invaluable in the dialogue between a boss and their subordinates, or between team leaders and team members. Good delegation means being clear about what needs to be done and who will do it.

    RACI Masters Giving Someone the R
    RACI Masters Explaining Your Role
  2. On-board new employees and new team members

    Use RACI when you introduce a new member of the team and you can bring them up to speed faster, accelerating their learning curve by 3-6 months.

    RACI Masters Role Change
    RACI Masters New Role
  3. Make your meetings more productive

    One of the best ways to ensure that your meetings are productive is to make sure that you create clear “action steps” for the follow up work that happens after the meeting. Another is to make sure that the work of the team is evenly distributed—everyone takes some accountability for the next steps. RACI can help by assigning “R"s to the next steps and help you drive action.

    RACI Masters Setting Agendas with RACI
    RACI Masters Next Steps RACI Template

Each of these applications of RACI—and more!—are explored in the RACI Masters e-learning course. It was developed after years of developing custom solutions for clients who want an enterprise-wide RACI training program. To preview a course outline and request a custom demo, click the button below.

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Topics: Human Resources, RACI, RACI Matrix, Delegation, Effective Meetings