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A Review of Project Management Tools Through the RACI Lens

By Camille O'Connor, RACI Solutions


One of EdrawMax's RACI Templates

Do you want to consider different project management tools, and consider which of them do the best job of digitizing RACI? Almost every project management tool has now incorporated the RACI tool because it is so important – but some do a better job than others.

Our whitepaper reviews the following project management tools:

  • Monday.com
  • Asana
  • Smartsheet
  • ClickUp
  • Nulab’s Cacoo
  • Lucid: Lucidchart & Lucidspark
  • Wondershare's EdrawMax & EdrawMind

Please click HERE to download the full Project Management Tools Review and see which of these tools works best with RACI.

In each section, the header title links directly to the software’s RACI page, and the “Pricing” header links directly to its pricing page. This review will give you an overview of the best currently available tools, including why we think they are the best.

One caveat: we did not review the effectiveness of these project management tools overall, we just reviewed their functionality with regard to digitizing RACI.

We developed the following criteria for review:

  1. Can you customize the definition of the RACI codes?
  2. Can you put job titles into the RACI Matrix or just individual names?
  3. Can you assign work or decisions to a team as well as to individuals?
  4. Can you add deadlines and track progress for each task/decision?
  5. Can you create a classic RACI Matrix with this tool?
  6. Can you pivot the RACI Matrix to see individual responsibilities?
  7. Can you combine more than one RACI Matrix to get an individual’s entire scope of work?
  8. Can you export from this tool to Excel or PDF the chart? 
  9. Is the tool collaborative so multiple people can work on it together?
  10. Is the tool customizable?

Download Digitizing RACI: A Review of the Tools

While this list is pretty comprehensive, new tools are always coming to light, so if we missed a tool that you are fond of, please let us know and we will revise this article!




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