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3 Ways to Use the New, Free RACI Template

One of our most popular resources is the free RACI Template. We have just updated it so that it’s better than ever! You can edit the new and improved PDF to help your team chart roles and responsibilities with RACI.

Free RACI Template

Here are three ways to use the free RACI template to improve your teamwork, accountability, and collaboration:

1. Improve project management.

RACI began as a project management tool and many people still use it primarily this way. By breaking down the roles and activities involved in a project, then charting the responsibilities using the RACI codes, it is easy to see exactly how individuals or departments contribute to a project. 


2. Onboard a new hire or team member.

When a new person joins a company or a project team, it is important that they know how their role fits with others they need to collaborate with. There can be a fair amount of guesswork for anyone navigating a new work environment. By using a RACI matrix to understand how their role fits with those around them, you will help them get up to speed quickly and reduce the risk of costly communication missteps. Other members of the team may have changes in their jobs, too. A RACI chart can illuminate how other roles change in response to the new staff or team member.

3. Assess an individual role.

On a completed RACI chart, you can look at an individual’s role vertically to see how their job fits together. Do they have too much responsibility or not enough? If they have no “R”s or “A”s, ask yourself why the role is necessary. If they have too many “R”s, ask if they can stay on top of everything and what can be delegated.

These are just some of the ways to use this RACI template. What’s your favorite?

Download Your Free RACI Template

If you are interested in an advanced RACI template, please contact us about the Smart RACI Matrix, a sophisticated workbook that automatically generates assignment pages for each team member, tracks unassigned tasks, and more. It features due dates, too!

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RACI Solutions has been helping organizations across the globe utilize the power of RACI to transform the dynamic of cross-functional teams since 2007. Whether you are new to RACI or have used it for years, we can help.

Today’s business environment is complex – you may be contending with matrix structures, rapid growth, mergers, multiple locations, virtual employees, and/or digital transformation. 

As a result, project teams can get stuck. Let us help you! If you need to learn RACI, we offer train-the-trainer materials and custom workshops. We can help you create RACI super-users. If you already use RACI or another decision matrix, we offer programs that help you become skilled at working across functions – an effective horizontal leader. We help project teams tune up their performance. We help organizations streamline their decision-making. 

Our team is comprised of expert consultants, trainers, and facilitators, who can help your teams and their leaders achieve a seamless level of collaboration.

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