RACI Solutions Announces the RACI Masters e-Learning Course

For five years, RACI Solutions has been developing customized virtual learning solutions for our clients who want enterprise-wide RACI training. Now we are pleased to announce a new e-learning course designed to teach RACI at two levels. This course covers “RACI Basics” and allows you to give an awareness level of RACI to every employee, and then offers “RACI Masters” training that expands our basic workshop to show you how to apply RACI to a wide range of business challenges.  

RACI Masters e-Learning

In the Masters Level modules, managers will learn how to use RACI to improve:

  • Project management
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Team leadership
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Onboarding and HR processes
  • And more! 

The RACI Masters e-learning course features:

  • Short-form Learning: 15 modules, each 4-11 minutes long
  • Awareness Modules: Align every employee on a common understanding of RACI with the first two modules, a total of 18 minutes.
  • Flexible Curriculum: Navigate the course in any order and learn what you want. Focus on project management, HR applications of RACI, or leading change.
  • Real-world Applications: Six interactive activities demonstrate how RACI can be applied to real world situations.
  • Resources and Templates: The course includes fifteen resources and templates to help you and your employees sustain the learning. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your individual training in the RACI matrix and its applications, or you are interested in an enterprise license for your company, the RACI Masters e-learning program is designed to meet your needs. 

Click the button below to request a demo of the course and preview the course outline.  Learn RACI with RACI Masters


Topics: RACI, RACI Matrix