RACI Solutions Training Programs and Materials

Whether you and your team are learning RACI for the first time or you want to refresh everyone’s memory to create a common language, we have a set of materials for you. Our train the trainer resources and RACI Masters e-learning course are ideal if you want to bring this training in-house, and our materials have been used all over the world.

RACI Solutions training materials are available in 23 languages.


"Thank you for providing such clear and relevant materials. I especially like the easy-to-understand examples, which allow people to understand the RACI concepts before using them to clarify roles and responsibilities at work. The RACI workshop itself went very well. I read the Leader’s guide beforehand, designed the workshop around your workbook, and people were very pleased. Word travels fast here, and the leader in Mexico that I am working with called me yesterday and asked me if I could additionally do a RACI workshop before we do some work on roles and responsibilities. With your materials, I can!"

—Jody Pemberton
VP Organizational Effectiveness, Driscoll's Inc.


Customized Workshops

Many of our clients are using RACI to untangle a complex matrix organization or cope with a recent merger or acquisition. Our facilitators can create a customized RACI session that gets results. We can design and facilitate customized workshops for participants ranging from 8 people to 150 people. And we can focus the workshop on the issues that are central to your business.


Consulting Services

Change is hard. Research shows that 75% of organizational change initiatives fail. Almost all organizational change requires people to change their roles—to change the way they do their work every day.

As the pace of change increases, more organizations rely on cross-functional teams to work across silos. These horizontal teams have predictable problems including blurred accountability and slow decision-making. When they are poorly understood and designed, progress grinds to a halt.

RACI Solutions specializes in helping organizations streamline and accelerate the work of cross-functional teams. We offer assessment, enterprise-wide training programs, Mastery Courses and customized consulting help.